Optimize the way you'll game FOREVER! Playbudz PRO grips add maximum comfort. Allowing you to play longer, giving you that extra edge! Our grip extenders are made of high quality Eco-Friendly material, made to last! More grip, more comfort, more gaming!


controller grips for the Playstation (ps4)

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These definitely make my PS4 controller much more comfortable. Worth the purchase!

Steven K

These things are great. I have huge hands, and Playbudz have solved at least 3 problems at once for me, after many years of gaming.
1.Comfort and hand fatigue 
2.Unintended button pushing in the heat of combat (yes, I hate you ps4 touchpad and ps button)
3.Aiming, movement and overall quality of my gameplay.. Instantly. From Bloodborne to H1Z1. 
Also arrived ahead of schedule, with a nice handwritten note, and some extra freebies. 
High-LY Amazing product.


Playbudz gave the dual shock controller the extra surface area needed for my hands. Now my ring and pinky fingers have something to hold on to rather that just floating and cramping. The playstation controller has a long way to go ergonomically, but at least playbudz is listening which is more than I can say for Sony.

Adam O

Great grip extenders, easier to hold onto the controller now.

Walter W

Highly recommend!!! completely changed the feel of my ps4 controllers in a very good way. I have medium sized hands and it was a chore to get tot he triggers without having to curl my finger awkwardly... playbudz fixed that, my hands are now at a much better angle, no more sore index finger!!

Davey P